Class layout

A typical yoga class layout:

  • Mats, blocks, belts and all yoga equipment is provided by Elma but students are invited to bring their own equipment if they wish.

  • On arrival students take their mats etc and come to lie down on their backs on the floor.

  • The class begins here –arriving, stopping and paying attention to the body, practicing ‘mindfulness’.

  • Breath awareness and breathing practice follows.

  • Movement begins with joint mobility exercises and muscle stretching, here on the floor.

  • Practice moves off the floor to hands/ knees and to standing and to the experience of stretch/ strength and resistence training in the ‘yoga poses’.

  • Breath and Movement is practiced as ‘yoga flows’ where co –ordination, mindfulness and movement come together with controlled breathing.

  • Practice then begins to wind down and students return to lying on floor for final guided ‘ Conscious Relaxation Practice.

  • At end of yoga session students are usually feeling stretched and toned in their muscles, very relaxed in mind and body.

  • They are also feeling mentally calm, alert , focused , experiencing what we call ‘well being’.

  • It is a practice which makes the body, mind and spirit stronger, more flexible and generally much healthier. Calm your mind, open your heart and enjoy yourself.