Chair Yoga / Yoga Therapy Class

Chair Yoga is an ideal way to exercise the body and the mind if there are underlying health issues that prevent the individual from participating in more strenuous and high impact forms of movement and exercise.

Chair Yoga is also a good practice if you wish to explore a practice session that is more mindful, free flowing and works to build joint mobility, muscle strength and flexibilty without being overly challenging.  I consider my yoga chair classes to be my ‘advanced yoga classes’ because the students develop a greater understanding of the more ‘holistic’ aspects of yoga. Their sense of good posture and body alignment is well developed and practiced every time they sit down in a chair . Their ability to be centred and mindful is learned also in the comfort of the chair, as is the ability to relax at will.  The practices learned help individuals who may be challenged by health issues deal with chronic health issues, deal with and manage pain, maintain a positive outlook on their situation and work their bodies within the limits of their ability.  Numbers are small in this class, so there is individual attention given to students when needed and there is a lovely group interaction, support and ease.