New to Yoga

Have you ever considered taking a yoga class?
The magic of yoga is that it can be made suitable for everyone as the practice can be tailored to suit all ages and all levels of fitness and ‘unfitness’.
The benefits of yoga are many and can be experienced at the very first yoga class.  You will develop a new found body awareness, you will be less tense, more mobile, more energetic, free from aches and pains.  You will enjoy a sense of relaxation and ease in all your daily activities.  Every joint in your body is moved in a yoga class, but in a way that is suitable for you.  Muscles are lengthened and strengthened and then relaxed, so after a class you will feel energised and light, experiencing a new found freedom in your body.
Yoga relieves joint stiffness and general aches and pains. Studies have shown that a suitable yoga practice can help relieve symptoms of common life illnesses such as arthritis, back pain, muscle tightness and pain, chronic fatigue, high blood pressure and asthma.
Yoga teaches you how to relax and this helps you to recognise tension and stress when it arrives in your body and gives you the skills to deal with it. Yoga practice also addresses the mind – the practice sharpens concentration and focuses the mind but also allows the mind resting time and frees it from overthinking.
Yoga teaches the importance of good posture and gives you the techniques and practices to maintain your own good posture.  This is not just in your class but travels with you ‘off the yoga mat’ into your everyday life where the real benefits of maintaining good posture will be experienced.
Breathing is the essence of yoga practice.  Better breathing will increase your physical energy levels, steady your nerves and help you deal with anxiety, worry and overthinking.  Better breathing relieves conditions such as asthma and hyperventilation.